NYREACH is committed to providing ongoing clinical education to all healthcare professionals. Our internship programs include an IMG clinical clerkship, NP internship, and MD to NP training. For more details, please see www.ehcintern.org

Workforce development

The Workforce Development program is geared toward helping alleviate the shortage of primary care providers and allied health workers, with a focus on improved population health in medically underserved communities. NYREACH will offer employment and internship opportunities to healthcare workers and, in turn, are dependent on a well-trained workforce and community support. NYREACH not only ensures workforce growth in community, but also provides proper education and training.

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Education for Medical Professionals
  • NP Internships:

    A unique clinical experience, our NP student clinical rotation program is an opportunity for NP students to gain exposure to a challenging clinical environment. NP students can gain real life experience by working with patients under a physician’s supervision, and learning the basics of EHRs and billing procedures.
  • MD to NP Training Program

    Our MD to NP program, in partnership with Lehman College, allows IMGs the opportunity to transition to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. The concise program allows for flexible work hours. Essen Healthcare, through NYREACH, offers scholarships for qualified applicants.
  • IMG Clerkship Program

    The IMG Clinical Clerkship Program is designed for all International Medical Graduates (IMGs), allowing them to obtain hands-on clinical experience within the United States. Our IMG program creates a unique opportunity for both providers and IMG’s to share information and learn from one another. The clerkship program offers IMGs a positive way to keep them active in the clinical arena and enhance their resumes should they decide to apply to residency.
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)

    Multidisciplinary grand round lectures are conducted by our providers from all fields of medicine every week. These lectures provide 1 CME Credit to eligible attendees and also help providers stay up to date with the latest clinical guidelines and developments in patient care and clinical practice. Our specialists and Primary Care Providers presenters rotate weekly to provide thoughtful, well-research presentation on clinically relevant subjects.
  • Besides CME meetings, participants of our internship program also get an opportunity to participate in clinical research and community health outreach. These activities are of great importance in helping the community and adding more value to one’s resume. Having a well-rounded approach to community care makes our candidates unique.

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