We  offer a variety of services including nutrition counseling and group nutritional sessions. We also conduct a variety of weekly events in order to address the needs of the community. As we grow, we are also developing new and exciting programs and partnerships that will greatly benefit the community. Please reach out to our project manager (info@nyreach.org) to learn about the events that we have scheduled for the month.

Sip and Paint

As part of overall wellness, mental health is an important aspect that often gets overlooked and, as a result, often gets put off until it negatively impacts our lives. As part of our way to help bring awareness to this problem, NYREACH has created “Sip and Paint”, a monthly series held as a way to allow participants to destress set aside time for themselves. This teaches participants not only to prioritize their own mental health but also demonstrates how art can be used as one of many forms of therapy.

Group Counseling

Individual nutritional counseling can often be difficult or intimidating for some. Lack of support from family, accountability to maintain or start a nutritional goal, or motivation to start/continue are often reasons for why some might not follow up with their nutritionist. With group nutrition counseling session, NYREACH seeks to change that narrative. Group nutrition sessions can provide a support system that can provide motivation and accountability to those who often have trouble reaching their nutritional goals. Group nutrition counseling can provide that safe environment where organic conversations can happen and grow with people who you can relate to.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

One on one sessions with our nutritionist. This can provide a more private environment where your specific nutritional questions and needs are addressed.