Community Health Programs are an opportunity for our stakeholders and affiliates to improve the health of their population in a measurable way. Below are the offered community health programs:

1. Group Nutrition Education sessions

Our aim is to educate with nutritionally sound information that is back up by research. With our group education sessions, we provide just that, and more as the group environment enables conversation to flourish about the topics that matter to the community within a supportive environment. We are working on developing different educational series that will tackle topic such as diabetes, heart health, and general health, to name a few. As we grow together with our community we encourage suggestions about future topics that are of interest to the members of our community. Please email topics that you would like to see covered to Isimar Lopez (

2. Obesity Prevention Program

NYREACH provides opportunities for our partners and affiliates patient population to receive comprehensive care for all individuals struggling with obesity. Our comprehensive care includes active participation in nutrition education with hands-on activities and fun fitness activities for everyone.

Implementation goals –

  • Encourage population participation in an hour of moderate physical activity daily
  • Help enrollees to understand and follow the dietary guidelines
  • Empower not only individuals but families to take action by using simple and interesting ways to improve nutrition and fitness level
3. Lifestyle change Program (LCP)

Lifestyle Change Program (LCP) of NYREACH is a 16-week (subject to change) community based program for patient populations with prediabetes and high cholesterol levels. A lifestyle coach/ trained IMG assists participants in reaching their goal of losing their weight and reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. We offer these services to our affiliates and partners patient population.

Our Implementation goal –

  • Comprehensive health promotion program in underserved communities
  • Target all ages population AND social and health care personnel
  • Prevention of major chronic diseases; promotion of functional capability