Some months ago I presented my Lean project as my summer internship at Essen MD as Prof. Falguni Sen’s student.

I haven’t thank you yet for the opportunity and your time. And, as I came back to my home country, I could reflect how this experience was good to me. Besides gaining experience in a healthcare provider, I could enjoy the time that I’ve spent there, mostly with Tameshia and the meeting after the presentation.

Therefore, I wanted to thank you, Tameshia Thomas, Dr. Matthew Dito and Imelda Tavas for the chance to show what I’ve learnt about Lean Management in my Industrial Engineering major.

– Isadora Cancherini

NYREACH performs health research studies, to enable its partners and affiliates to determine critical health issues prevalent in some of the most underserved communities in New York City. Our research studies examine health trends and inequities due to socio-economic factors including age, race, and geographic location. Our goal of improving the overall health of our community members also provides an opportunity for our providers, interns and international medical graduates (IMGs) to gain valuable research experience.

Our Publications

  1. Hematogenous Osteomyelitis by Acinetobacter banumannii: Case Report and Literature Review
    World Journal of AIDS, 2011, 1, 23-27
  2. Improving quality of care in underserved areas of New York with implementation of telemedicine – Main Researchers: Odom Charles, MD; Goris Silvio, MD
  3. Use of templates to decrease 30 days re-hospitalization for COPD, Pneumonia, Sepsis, CHF, and Altered mental status in a nursing home setting: a prospective study
  4. Chronic use of 1st generation Anti-histamines in patients with active diagnosis of Senile Dementia within the Essen healthcare system: a retrospective study
  5. Use of the Epworth Apnea scale in patients with uncontrolled hypertension to determine risk for undiagnosed sleep apnea: a prospective study